Car & Equipment Rental Companies

gps trackers for car rental businesses

GPS Trackers For Car Rental Businesses

  • Rental car companies and equipment rental businesses are especially prone to theft and/or abuse, more so than most other industries. Our GPS trackers not only provide a sense of security to business owners in these industries, but they can also be configured to track maintenance services.Our devices have several useful sensors that can be activated to pull data or perform functions. These include:
    • Fuel Usagegps trackers for car rental businesses
    • History
    • Location
    • Geofencing

GPS Tracker Planning

We deliver a total solution for Large Rental Companies:

  • Initial Consulting
  • Device Architecture – Map out and plan your fleet deployment
  • Configuration & Activation
  • Training & Deployment
  • Device Monitoring 24-7 365 Days Per Year
  • SMS Alerts, Dashboards, Rasberry PI display for Big Screen Ops center, Mobile App

Top 3 Equipment Types of Theft

Based on 2016 National Bureau of Crime Statistics 

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Fleet Managers & Transportation Business Owners – See what SATX Technologies can do for you!

We depend on these devices to track our Private Investigation clients. They work, and they work GOOD! we wont use anything else.

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