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GPS Tracker For Small Businesses

GPS Tracker for Small Businesses
You can streamline your daily operations, and save a significant amount of money over the course of a fiscal year, by utilizing GPS trackers that can tell you exactly
where your technicians are at all times. Imagine you get a last-minute call from a customer and you need to get a technician out to their location right away. Utilizing our GPS technology can you help you do that in the most efficient way possible by locating and dispatching the closest technician to any particular job site.
The Return on Investment (ROI) on these simple GPS devices can ultimately save you and your company thousands of dollars in the long run.

  • Know When The Job Is Done – Real Time Tracking 
  • Fuel Cost Money! – Control Excess Fuel Consumption
  • Reroute – Send the Closest Tech to the Next Job
  • Promote Safety – See how Fast your drivers and unsafe are driving 
  • Theft – Recover Stolen equipment quick! 
  • Substandard Employees – See Where your Vehicle is and at What Time
  • Sensors For Almost Everything – Manage Fleet Maintenance
gps tracker for small businesses

Where is Your Fuel Going?

Reports show that bad driving habits can lead to a substantial amount of fraud, waste and abuse on a routine basis. But GPS tracking devices can help reign in these three items. Control elements like idle time that puts unnecessary stress on an engine, fast driving that’s unsafe and burns more fuel and even limiting travel distances by dispatching employees who are closest to any particular job site. Based on a study from ( we found we could save you: 

  • 45% Less fuel costs from Idle Times 1-2 cents per minute.
  • 35% Less fuel costs from Identifying Speeding (every 5 mph over 50 mph costs you 18 cents a gallon)
  • 25% Less fuel costs from By Rerouting Jobs to Closer Technicians



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Fleet Managers & Transportation Business Owners – See what SATX Technologies can do for you!

Better maintenance management, monitoring my fleets whereabouts, SATX delivered a better Fleet solution than we previously were using. If you are in the trucking business, you need these guys!

Jerome Harris
Owner , Harris Trucking Lines Kileen Texas

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