Where to Place a GPS on a Car


There are many effective ways to use a Global Positioning System GPS device on a car or a truck, whether it’s to keep track of a person or to keep tabs on your property.


Before you place a GPS device on a car, however, be sure you’re not breaking the law in your town and/or state. GPS tracking devices are great for monitoring people and vehicles, but there are cases where it’s not legal to use them.


That disclaimer now out of the way, let’s talk about some of the more effective places you can hide GPS tracking devices on a car.


GPS Tracker Inside the Dashboard


The dashboard is the most popular place to install a GPS tracking device as it’s easily concealed and can still effectively transmit real time data from this location.


All you need to do is open up the dashboard, or have someone do it for you, place and conceal your GPS tracker, and make sure you return everything to its original condition before you go.


If you don’t need to be covert, you can hide the GPS tracker in the glove compartment. Simply place the GPS tracker inside the glove compartment and cover it with whatever you have in there so it’s not in sight.


Inside the Bumper


The car’s bumper is a relatively easy location to place a GPS tracker on a car and one that’s not likely to be found unless the driver of the vehicle is involved in an accident.


Many people choose the rear bumper, but the front is also a good option for tracking devices.


You don’t need to take anything apart if you decide to hide the Magnetic GPS tracking device in the front or rear bumper of the car.


All you have to do is place the device to the location, make sure the GPS tracker is not visible, check that the system is working, and walk away.

Inside the Trunk


There’s plenty of room in the trunk of a car for a GPS tracking device, so why not use it to install a hidden GPS?


This is one of the best options when it comes to placing  the Magnetic GPS tracker inside a car and it’s common as well.


The best spot in the trunk for hidden GPS tracking devices is right behind the back seats, particularly if this area is made of plastic and not metal.


GPS Tracker Installed in Trunk


A lot of metal could hinder reception and the ability of the GPS system to track, so keep this in mind.


But if there’s more plastic, you want to attach the hidden GPS tracker to some wires with electrical tape to keep it from moving around while the car is in motion.


Inside the Brake Lights


The brake lights of the car can be a great sport for a hidden GPS tracking device.


Now, you may need some help with this one, but hiding a GPS device inside the brake lights is a great spot if you’re trying to be covert.


First, have your mechanic take off the light cover, then place the GPS tracker and replace the cover to finish the job.


The only way GPS tracking devices can be discovered in this scenario is if the vehicle suffers a brake failure, or if the bulb burns out, and work needs to be done on the brakes.


If this too much work, you can hide a GPS tracker in the wheel wells of the car. They’re easy to access, but if anyone suspects, this is one of the first places they’ll check to find it, so keep that in mind.


Inside a Car Seat Cushion


If you’re good with a needle and thread or know someone who is, then creating an opening in the seat cushion to insert a GPS tracking device is one of the best options. Just don’t do this in the front seat, just in case.


As long as it’s not buried too deep, the satellite signal of the GPS tracker should still be okay in this location. And it’s not likely anyone is going to find GPS trackers in this hiding spot, let alone the driver.


GPS Tracker in The Sun Visor


This is not an ideal location if you’re attempting to be covert. But if the driver is aware of the monitoring device, this location is easy, convenient, and will give you excellent satellite transmission in real time.


First, place the device on the sun visor by clipping it, preferably on the passenger side of the car, and then make sure that it’s transmitting data properly.


To reiterate, this is not the best place to use if you’re tracking someone’s car secretly. If that’s the case, there are many better locations to choose from for a GPS tracking device.


GPS Tracking Device Underneath the Car


If the GPS tracker you’re using is metallic and/or magnetic, then attaching it to the undercarriage of the vehicle is one of the best places you can choose, which is why it’s so common.


It’s not covered up by anything, so it should transmit a strong, real time satellite signal, and it’s not likely that the driver will be able to find it in this location. If it’s magnetic, it won’t fall off easily either.


You do need to worry about the elements with this option though, so consider using something to cover the tracking device and protect it from the weather. We recommend you use a protective, waterproof casing of some sort.


Final Words


There are many different ways to hide a GPS tracking device inside a car; whether that’s inside the dashboard, the glove compartment, the brake lights, the bumper, the truck, etc., you can be sure you’ll be able to keep track of everything.


GPS devices are very easy to conceal inside a car once you’re aware of all the possible hiding places. They’re also easy to use, easy to install, and the driver won’t know about it if you don’t want them to.

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