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Own a Car Parts eCommerce site? Electronics store on Amazon or Ebay? Our affiliate program is definitely for you. Our payouts and rev shares are top notch for this niche! Average payouts are between $400-1000.00 per month for web affiliates. We use Share A Sale to manage our affiliate program so you are sure to get paid on time every time! Sign up today and start making some cash. We offer images, descriptions, banners, affiliate links, and everything you need to get started.


Our partnership program is aimed at brick and mortar retail stores and Veterinarian professionals. We have several different programs depending on volume requirements. Whether you want to become a reseller, use us as a drop-shipper, or purchase bulk wholesale, our partnership program can provide you with very competitive pricing to ensure you profit selling our GPS Trackers and Services.

Cost Breakdown By Industry & Reseller 

best gps tracker affiliate programVeterinarians РDevices (FREE) Suggested Retail Pricing 25-35.00 Per Pet Collar.  Contact Us

Auto Part Stores – Devices (30-40% Discount Rates) Wholesale Purchase

Pet Shops – Devices (FREE) Suggested Retail Pricing 25-35.00 Per Pet Collar. Contact Us

Pet Hotel & Spas – (FREE) Suggested Retail Pricing 25-35.00 Per Pet Collar. Contact Us

e Commerce – Devices (30-40% Discount Rates) Wholesale or Dropshipper Program. Contact for Setup

Distributors – (30-40% Discount Rates) Wholesale Purchase or Fulfillment by P/O

60 40% Rev Share! Make Some Money Already