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Whether it’s a pet, a child or even an elderly parent, keep track of your loved ones by using SATX’s GPS tracking technology. GPS Wearables are become more and more popular in today’s modern world, and we’re on the cutting edge of this incredibly useful technology.

We offer pet collars, bracelets and watches that can quickly transmit precise locations in real time. They also feature two-way communications so you can talk
through your device while also listening to what’s happening on the other end. Our GPS trackers come with long standby battery power to ensure readiness. They
also can easily set up geofencing capabilities that ensure boundaries are in place, sending you an alert any time a loved one strays outside a pre-defined area.


Best Used As A Pet Collar

  • GPS Tracker Collar – Tracks your pet, SMS alerts for geofencing, SMS alerts for low battery
  • GPS Watches  – 2300 people go missing everyday, protect your children and elderly 
  • Easy Tracking – Track from Your Smartphone or PC 
  • Great Pricing – Most competitive device and monthly prices 
  • Tech Support – Tech Support & Customer Service – Always here to help!  


Download Our Pet Collar GPS Tracker PDF


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We depend on these devices to track our Private Investigation clients. They work, and they work GOOD! we wont use anything else.

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Danny Gomez
Lead Investigator, ACES Dallas Private Investigations

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