Information We Collect
When a customer places an order or an inquiry we collect:
Name, Phone, and email address along with home address for orders.
We save your original inquiry and classify your information as a business or consumer.

Why Do We Collect Information
We collect information about our users and customers for several reasons:
We can enhance the users experience when surfing our website.
We present to you more useful information that pertains to your browsing sessions.
We use cookies and analytics which also tracks how long you spend on a page and which pages you visit. This assists us in providing a more useful user experience in the future.

Information Protection
Information such as your credit card and billing address associated with that credit card and the authorized party is not stored anywhere on SATX Technologies servers. We value your private information and use a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption to ensure your card information is presented securely to our credit card merchant.

Consent & Agreement
By using our site, you automatically consent to the our Acceptable Use Policy and Privacy Policy.

3rd Party Advertising or Links
At times, we have 3rd party links, redirects, and ads that run on our website. These companies are not necessarily associated with SATX Technologies and have their own privacy policy and acceptable use policy.

Information on Our GPS Servers
We store information about your routes, grid coordinates, and history of trips and so forth. However, this information is protected and accessed by the user and SATX Server Administrators, and Technical Support personnel. The highest possible levels of safeguards and security protect our servers along with encryption and SSL’s. At anytime you may choose to update or change your password. Every account is segregated to an individual or business. If you feel like your account has been compromised, immediately contact our security team by sending us a technical support request by visiting us:

Updates or Changes
We reserve the right to change this policy at anytime without notice. If any changes do occur, they will be published on this webpage.