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gps trackers

Real Time GPS Tracking

Surveillance and reporting from anywhere! Fleets, Assets, Private Vehicles, Pets, High dollar equipment, Teen Drivers, and Elderly, our tracking devices provide you pinpoint accuracy.

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asset gps tracking

Track Assets & Fleets

Prevent theft and ensure reduce total cost of ownership all while increasing your ROI.  Our devices paired with our powerful GPS reporting Servers in the Cloud deliver actionable data.

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Custom Sensors & Dashboards

Geofencing and over 100 sensors. Our tracking solutions support 1000 protocols and over 100 devices. Already have a tracker? See why you should switch to SATX Technologies.

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Our Top Selling Magnetic GPS Tracker

GPS Trackers

Real Time GPS trackers, protecting your assets and providing you with insightful data for management decision making. Easily hide our magnetic gps tracker for covert placement.

Watch From Your Smartphone

Android or Iphone application ready. All device information can be delivered through your smart phone for quick GPS tracking.

Sensors & Dashboards

OBD GPS tracking devices with over 100 sensors built in. Track fuel, speed, idle time, mileage. E-Log ready! Brilliant dashboards and custom reporting.

Fleet & Vehicle GPS Trackers

Supporting Fleets from 1-1000 trucks. Our solution is great for Teen Drivers or conducting surveillance. Rental agencies, Private Investigators, and small fleets trust SATX.

Equipment Asset Tracking

Protecting high dollar assets is a must in todays world. Its reported that millions of dollars of construction equipment and heavy machinery is stolen every year. Our trackers send real time alerts anytime your equipment moves!

Child, Pet, Elderly Trackers

GPS wearables for children, pets, teens, and the elderly. Feel a sense of security knowing your loved ones are safe with our GPS trackers.



Our GPS Technology Solutions reduce
fuel costs, increases ROI, prevents theft, promotes safety
  • Top Reasons to Install GPS Devices in Your Vehicle

    Are you concerned about your rental vehicle being stolen? Or perhaps, are you a parent worried about the safety of your new teen driver? A GPS device may be a smart investment for your peace of mind. Continue reading to learn about the different types of GPS tracking devices for cars and how they can

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  • GPS Devices for Tracking your Spouse

    Private investigators make their living completing a variety of different surveillance and detective work on a regular basis. But if you ask what job keeps them the busiest, most will likely say some form of work that deals with real or suspected infidelity. And a big part of those efforts involve daily surveillance, which is

    January 16, 2021
  • GPS Tracking Devices for Kids

    Global Positioning Systems or GPS tracking devices for short, have become very popular in the 21st century and are used for a number of different reasons, including to protect private property and to keep track of your elderly loved ones so they can remain safe. Today they are used to keep an eye on your

    December 13, 2020
  • Small GPS Trackers – Discreet Convince

    Due to the wonders of modern technology that we have today, GPS Tracking devices are becoming smaller and more compact every day. The smallest GPS trackers are also becoming more convenient and easier to use for businesses, as well as for private and residential purposes. When talking about the small GPS trackers or a GPS

    December 13, 2020
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