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gps tracker for trailer

GPS Tracker For Trailer

Trailer thefts continue to be a big problem in the United States, with more thefts being reported every single day. These high priced items are especially attractive to thieves because of the huge potential windfall. Tongue locks and padlocks have both proven to be ineffective in securing these big-ticket items, so owners have begun looking to new possible solutions. Our trailer GPS Tracker series is known as the “Trailer Defender,” which is a GPS device with a long-life battery. It also features a very strong internal antenna that makes it perfect for an enclosed trailer. Simply place the device on the inside of the trailer and you can easily track its every move via our Smartphone app and by using geofencing technology. We’ve saved contractors and small businesses thousands of dollars by providing them with the fastest theft recovery device on the market today.

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Trailers That Get Stolen Every Year

Works Best For

  • Enclosed Trailers

  • Horse

  • Utility

  • Contractor & Construction Trailers

  • Lawn Maintenance Trailers

  • Trailers mounted with Welders

  • Generator or Wood Chippers


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