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Private Investigators

Private Investigators rely heavily on GPS trackers, using the technology to track vehicles for a multitude of different investigations, including asset protection, infidelity and worker’s compensation claims. Their equipment needs to be reliable, and our real time tracking allows PIs to conduct surveillance operations knowing they have the best tools available.

We’ve sold more GPS tracking devices to private investigation firms than any other industry, so we know what want investigators need in terms of reliability and durability.

Our devices are easy to use, feature long battery life and allow real time bird’s eye views of any vehicle via mobile app or personal computer. We understand the importance of reliability and our magnetic devices are reasonably priced, come at lower costs than our competitors and feature expert customer service.

We deliver the Best GPS Tracker for Private Investigators

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SATX GPS Trackers

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We switched GPS companies a few years back when we learned what awesome features and better rates SATX could provide. This increased our profits with infidelity cases almost 40% with the money we saved for monthly subscriptions. Danny Gomez – ACES Private Investigations of Dallas

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Our GPS servers provide Google Map overlay (see below) with street views embedded into our mapping system. View histories and events, while sorting by date and time.This powerful solution will deliver the results your clients want and need!

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Our Magnetic GPS Tracker Specifications & Features

  • Powerful Magnetic Strength – Waterproof, Shock Absorbant
  • Battery Power – Up to 10 days
  • Simple to use – place device and connect from app or PC
  • GPS Tracking 10 sec intervals – FASTER than the Rest
  • Google Maps and Businesses Overlay – Street View also
  • ROI in just 1-2 clients for Infidelity Tracking
  • Cheaper Monthly Subscriptions – 60% Cheaper Devices than the Rest!

Check out this live video of a tracker installed on a vehicle

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Fleet Managers & Transportation Business Owners – See what SATX Technologies can do for you!

We depend on these devices to track our Private Investigation clients. They work, and they work GOOD! we wont use anything else.

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Danny Gomez
Lead Investigator, ACES Dallas Private Investigations

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