Cars & Vehicles

Why track your vehicle? Every 45 seconds in the U.S. a car is stolen. Over 800,000 vehicles are stolen every year. An average of 9 teens per day are killed in an auto accident. More than likely, teen drivers driving impaired or speeding is the cause of the accident.

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Car Dealership GPS Trackers

Are you providing in house financing at a buy here pay here deal dealership? Our devices can quickly go into REPO mode when you need them. See why thousands of small used car dealerships have switched to SATX Technologies. We offer the most affordable easy to use GPS trackers for dealerships just like yours!

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Looking for a Fleet Tracking Solution? SATX Technologies OBD GPS trackers deliver a powerful and robust tracking solution that ensures your fleet stays healthy and on the road at all times. Maximize your ROI with our Fleet solution.

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Asset Tracker

The National Insurance Crime Bureau reported in 2013 over 300 Millions dollars of equipment and assets was stolen in the United States. This included loaders, scrapers, and excavators. Learn how we can keep your high dollar equipment and assets safe!

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Small Business

Small Businesses rely on running lean in the beginning of their journey. GPS tracking for small fleets is a perfect solution to ensure your time and money are being spent wisely. Whether you have two trucks or ten, GPS trackers keep your drivers on the road, efficient, and manages productivity.

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GPS Wearables

This low cost service ensures your pets, children, and elderly family members are always within a birds eye view. GPS wearables are starting to become adopted in every home and in every family. For the little amount you pay, you can rest assured your family is safe and sound when it comes to knowing their location.

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Private Investigators

Private Investigators need GPS trackers to work, accurate, and hold a long battery charge. Our devices do the same thing than the other companies but SATX devices are HALF the cost! See why more and more PI agencies are switching to SATX. Real time tracking, reliable, and accurate. Depend on us and we’ll get the job done.

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Car & Equipment Rental Companies

Small car and equipment rental business love our OBD and magnetic trackers. Protect your assets and lower your insurance costs when it comes to ensuring your assets are safe and sound. We offer bulk purchasing and flexible plans for small fleets.

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Trailers & Construction Equipment

Contractors lose thousands of dollars in equipment every year due to theft. Crime statistics show trailers and construction equipment stolen reaches millions of dollars annually. Don’t be a victim, learn how we can protect your assets using our GPS trackers.

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Better maintenance management, monitoring my fleets whereabouts, SATX delivered a better Fleet solution than we previously were using. If you are in the trucking business, you need these guys!

Jerome Harris
Owner , Harris Trucking Lines Kileen Texas

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