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“We listened to what our consumers wanted in a GPS Tracker, we delivered a solution that's more affordable and robust than the rest"
Kyle Fitzgerald
Kyle Fitzgerald
CTO, SATX Technologies


Devices Online & Tracked


Commercial Businesses Supported


SMS & Alerts Sent Daily


Return Customers

Our core values


Our customer’s experience is important to us, we get it right the first time – every time. You’re not happy, we’re not happy!

Privacy and Safety

Securing GPS data and your privacy is always a priority. SATX Technologies ensures safe delivery of data while protecting your assets 24-7.


Ensuring our clients devices stay online all the time. We run our operations center like a military war room.

Quality GPS Services

GPS tracking system innovation and design. We strive in delivering the best quality consistent services possible from 1 tracker to our corporate clients. Every client is treated the same.

Our People

SATX Technologies personnel stay tactfully and mentally proficient in our abilities to deliver top notch GPS tracking services.

Staying Competitive

We study the market and implement new age changes to ensure our clients are getting the best and most up to date GPS tracking services in the industry.

Our clients

We are a GPS Tracker Technology company providing tracking products and services to businesses and consumers. Located in San Antonio Texas, we have offices in Asia that provide supply chain solutions to support our logistics and product strategies. SATX far exceeds most GPS Tracker companies in providing end to end solutions for businesses with large and small fleets worldwide. 

Our clients include top transportation and logistics companies. Our small business and private consumers make up the rest of our core business. 

Large Businesses 100 + Fleets
E commerce Resellers


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