Why you need a GPS Tracker for your Dog

As dog owners, we are very careful with our pet but dogs tend to get themselves in trouble every now and then that is why it is important to get your dog a GPS tracker.


1. Most dogs have noise anxiety

One of the reasons why dogs run away unexpectedly is because they suffer from noise anxiety. When this happens, they can get far and get lost in return and it becomes hard to look for them without any help but with a dog GPS tracker, it is easy to follow your dog with just the use of your phone.


2. When your dog gets lost, every second count.

When your dog goes missing, it is possible that you wouldn’t realize this for several hours or worse, days but with a GPS tracker, you will know within minutes through a notification preventing any unnecessary tragic situation.


3. Be extra careful when traveling with your dog

Extra care should be heeded when traveling with your dogs. This is because your dog may escape leaving him in unfamiliar areas. For safe traveling with your pets, get them a GPS tracking device.


4. A dog’s instinct is always to chase things

A trained dog could be very well-behaved in most circumstance but as soon as another animal – a cat, a squirrel, or anything else crosses their territory, their first instinct is to chase and in a blink of an eye, your pet disappears. With a dog tracker, this can easily be avoided.


5. Dogs are very fond of jumping and digging

Sure you may secure the area with a fence but what happens when a dog realizes he can jump over or dig his way out? You’ll find yourself with a missing dog but with a GPS tracker, you’ll know how to recover your escape artist pet.


6. Children and visitors tend to leave the door open

This especially happens when your visitor does not know the concept of pets. To avoid this, all you need to do is be prepared.


7. Dognapping is possibledn 265x300

This is true, especially with pedigree dogs that cost hundreds, even thousands of dollars. These dogs are stolen and sold at a cheaper price. To avoid this scenario, it is better to take necessary precautions such as GPS trackers for dogs, to avoid this.


8. Illness may be Detected

Some of the more advanced GPS trackers can track your dog’s daily activities. When there is a change in activities, the tracker can flag these changes, allowing you to act sooner.


9. Unknown past of adopted and rescue dogs.

Adopting a dog comes with challenges especially when it comes to the dog’s history and his behavior can be unpredictable. With a GPS tracker, you can keep a closer eye on your pet.


10. Dog raising is a group effort

GPS trackers give the dog owners a peace of mind that their pets are being well taken care of when they can’t be there. These trackers allow dog walkers to record their walk and it also gives the option to a family member or a neighbor to check in on your dog if you are away and leaving your pet in somebody else’s care.


Lets face it, dogs are family and they deserve to be treated as such. This means ensuring their protection by taking all preventive measures necessary. Check out our pet trackers and use promo code WOOF to receive 10% off your subscription plan today!