Benefits of GPS Tracking Devices

All around the globe, more and more people are turning to GPS tracking solutions for various reasons, most commonly to monitor the location of people and vehicles. Wireless GPS trackers can provide accurate location information for anyone, from anywhere on Earth.

Satx GPS tracking system relies on a network of navigation satellites circling our Earth. These satellites continuously send out signals, and can track any GPS receiver in the network and report the location to the GPS tracking app (Activate GPS Tracker) on your smartphone or laptop. The receiver pinpoints your exact location by calculating its distance from at least four GPS satellites. This creates very accurate data that can be used to keep others safe or on target. 

Benefits of GPS Tracking

Our GPS tracking devices have a variety of uses. Most people are familiar with GPS tracking for cars or business purposes, otherwise known as fleet tracking, but GPS trackers can also:

  • Give family members reliable, real-time updates on the whereabouts of their loved ones
  • Provide parents of young children with peace of mind regarding infant and toddler safety
  • Monitor driving behavior in teenagers without intruding upon their independence
  • Report on fuel usage, speeding, erratic driving, and GEO fencing
  • Track the location of elderly people with dementia who are prone to getting lost
  • Manage trucking fleets, installation vans or other employee vehicles
  • Quickly report and recover stolen equipment and vehicles by alerting law enforcement
  • Allow parents, guardians, or family to keep track of groups backpacking in remote locations

Instant Alerts

A GPS locator can be programmed to spot a troubled route and send you an instant text or email alert. When this happens, you can instantly call to make sure your young child, teenager, or elderly parent is safe.

Real Time GPS Tracking Alerts

GPS trackers are one of the most cost-effective ways to keep your family safe from harms way.

Average Cost of a GPS Tracking Solution

People looking into a GPS tracking setup have two options: a real-time GPS tracker or a GPS tracker with no monthly fee. The best GPS solution for you will depend on your individual needs. On average most GPS devices with range from $59.99 – $120.95 depending on functionality.

Real-time GPS Trackers

These trackers will give you instant access to data through your mobile device. This is extremely useful if you want a GPS tracking device for car protection or child safety. The fees of a GPS tracker data plan will hover somewhere between $18 and $45 per month, SIM card included. The price will depend on update settings: if you want a data update every 3 seconds, prepare to pay more than you would for a once-a-minute update.

Trackers without Monthly Fees

Customers who just need to monitor travel activity might want to consider one of the no-monthly-fee GPS tracking devices. These trackers will give you a tracking history log including the driver’s past location, speed, and other vehicle data. This tracker option is great for tracking teenage drivers or employees. A no-monthly-fee GPS tracking unit will range between $100 and $200.


Doing a simple search for, “GPS Tracking Devices”  on Google will enable you to run comparisons on a variety of GPS product details, including reviews, product prices, tracking capabilities, battery life, and shipping and delivery costs. We have created a solid product and believe in our tracking technology, please compare us to any other top brands.

GPS Tracking for Teen Drivers

Magnetic GPS trackers for cars can attach to metal surfaces such as the bottom of a vehicle or a motorbike. This allows parents to track and monitor the driving patterns of their teenage children for road safety.

GPS Tracking Device for Teens

In case the worst happens and your teenage son or daughter is involved in an accident, GPS tracking devices for vehicle monitoring will allow you to ensure help is on the way as soon as possible. You can also manage and monitor things like speeding and fuel more easily. Another great feature here is the GEO fencing capabilities which allows you to create boundaries for teenagers who might get too adventurous from time to time.

Keeping Young Teen Drivers Safe

Teenagers appreciate their independence, but lack of driving experience may make them vulnerable on the road. This is where a GPS tracking devices for cars becomes essential for ensuring the teen’s safety and the parents’ peace of mind.

Why Use a Car GPS Tracking Device for Teens

Using a GPS tracking system for car monitoring allows the parents to know their kids’ whereabouts, keeps them informed about unsafe behavior on the road, and promotes safe driving. Be in know, keep your loved ones safe.

In many cases, teens will drive more carefully knowing that a GPS car tracking device is installed in the vehicle. However, in other cases, parents will look into a discreet smaller GPS vehicle trackers to help them detect dangerous behaviors and find out when their teen is stepping out of line or driving over the speed limit.

GPS coverage includes:

  • Cell phone accident notification
  • 15-second auto-refresh
  • Real-time driving updates
  • Unplugged device alerts

GPS Can Also be used For Kid Safety

A child tracking device has become a staple of security in the 21st century especially in crowded areas or on long trips. By merely attaching the tracker to kids’ clothes, purse, bag or backpack, the parents can receive real-time GPS location tracking updates to keep them safe. Some child tracking devices come with an SOS button option that allows the child to call for help instantly in case of an emergency. Usually we don’t think about these types of things, until something goes horribly wrong. It is a very small investment for a priceless human being, your own family members. 

A GPS Tracking Device on a Car Can Save Lives

While some teens may feel that vehicle GPS tracking is an encroachment upon their privacy, the facts are sobering: according to the CDC, motor vehicle crashes are the second leading cause of death for teenagers in the United States. A GPS slap-and-track device is therefore an important asset in protecting kids of all ages and bringing them safely home.

Commonly, the GPS vehicle tracking system will alert the parents by a push notification every time a teenage driver:

  • Exceeds the speed limit
  • Accelerates too fast
  • Makes sharp turns
  • Brakes suddenly and/or hard

Often, teenagers drive their parents’ vehicle. In these cases, the parents can program the car GPS tracker to schedule monitoring only during the time the teenager is using the vehicle.

Bottom line: GPS tracking devices for cars save lives, and parents of teenagers shouldn’t hesitate to use these vital safety products.

What about GPS Tracking Devices for the Elderly?

About 1 in 10 people over 65 in our country are suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, which makes seniors vulnerable to getting lost and often causes disorientation and wandering.

Many care methods, such as memory care facilities, are designed to prevent wandering, but it still often happens. To be exact, six out of ten dementia patients will wander, usually in search of a former familiar place.

An elderly person who has lost their way may become frightened, confused, or exposed to dangerous situations. The ability to track a dementia patient with high location accuracy is crucial. A GPS tracker will keep elderly people safe, allow them to remain independent longer, and help caregivers answer their needs.

GPS-Tracking Devices for SeniorsLocation trackers for the elderly come in many shapes and forms, including bracelets, watches, keychains, and bands. Knowing a loved one’s needs will help buyers choose the best GPS tracker option.

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